Welcome LES Friends!

The website is currently being updated during January 2020.  Check below to see what events have added applications.

  • Vendor applications have been posted under the “Vendor” tab.
  • The parade application has been posted under the “Parades” tab.


Visit the Sponsorship page to see patrons that contributed to making this year’s event possible.

About the Lamar Egg Scramble Jamboree

Established in 1983, the Lamar Egg Scramble Jamboree is an annual tourist-driven festival located in downtown Lamar that brings people from throughout the region to enjoy a weekend of fun-filled activities.

Our founding members set out to provide the Lamar community with a small event that would boost morale amongst our citizens. The Egg Scramble has since experienced rapid growth, attracting approximately 7,000 attendees each year.

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